I started Eclectica in March of 2009, as an inspirational sourcebook where I could curate unique and unusual projects which piqued my interest; because of it, I've had a lot of great conversations with artists, photographers and creators from around the world, which I would otherwise never have had.

However, due to exponential growth in the number of art/design/photography blogs over the subsequent years, the discovery of anything which hasn't already been featured on several larger sites has become increasingly rare. This—coupled with the fact that there are now a huge number of tools available for collating inspirational web content—has made Eclectica largely redundant.

I didn't want this place to become yet another dormant ghost in a vast limbo of dead design blogs, so as of January 2013 it is no more . It may be reincarnated as something else, or it may not: either way, we've had a great run. I'll be posting new writing and projects over at from now on, so please drop by and say hi.

Oh, and if you're a fan of bluesy rock music, check out my band, Flood.

Some of my favourite creative arts sites:

Conscientious | Creative Applications | It's Nice That | ArchDaily | Dezeen | Designboom